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15 November 2021

Transformation and Leadership

Authors: Peter Kuhle and Eckhart Hilgenstock
Clear vision and tailwind in complex changes
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30 September 2021

Trade magazine
Service & Vertrieb in der Transformation

The business world is changing rapidly. If you realign your company where it needs to be, you can take advantage of the opportunities presented by change to develop innovative business models. In my new magazine "GEMEINSAM VERÄNDERN - Service & Sales in Transformation," I describe how managers can accompany a successful transformation. I show you how the new role of service affects business model development and provide practical tips based on my own experience. Make your service & sales fit for the future! In my new magazine you will learn how.
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21 September 2021

Nomination as TOP INTERIM MANAGER in the D/A/C/H region in a special supplement to manager magazin 10/21.

15 July 2021

Digitization: Not everyone needs a smart factory!

Authors: Peter Kuhle and Eckhart Hilgenstock
Anyone who researches studies on the topic of digitization in medium-sized companies (SMEs) will find a wide variety of findings: From "German SMEs are digital pioneers" to "The digitalization deficit of German SMEs is growing," everything is included.
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08 July 2021

Building the digital foundation with courage

Authors: Eckhart Hilgenstock and Peter Kuhle / Georgina Bott
When talking about digital transformation, words like Industry 4.0 or Artificial Intelligence often come up. Many companies feel overwhelmed by such terms and wonder where to start. First approaches are presented here.
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14 May 2021

With this transformation architecture, the change succeeds

Authors: Peter Kuhle and Eckhart Hilgenstock
Even in 2021, after Corona became the turbo for change, digitization in companies is still a major challenge. Six building blocks are sufficient for a successful transformation architecture, according to Peter Kuhle and Eckhart Hilgenstock.
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10 May 2021

Develop new business models with data

Authors: Uwe Brüggemann and Peter Kuhle
Whether energy supplier or machine builder - almost every company is sitting on a treasure trove of data, on the basis of which it can even develop completely new digital business models. How can this treasure be found? It all starts with data awareness.
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15 March 2021


Authors: Peter Kuhle and Arne Wölper

  • Findings
  • Solution: The three-phase model
  • Controlling and fine tuning
  • Human success factor
  • Conclusion

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9 March 2021

Success factors for the supreme discipline of change

Authors: Peter Kuhle and Eckhart Hilgenstock
The pandemic is radicalizing and has shown many companies that transformation is urgently needed. Business models have to be redesigned - and who doesn't have more potential through digitization?
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22 February 2021

Between perception and reality

Authors: Peter Kuhle and Siegfried Lettmann, published at "Sales Excellence"
Customers want individual solutions for their problems. Many companies believe they can offer you this, but are often wrong. What matters when it comes to customer focus.

19 February 2021


Learn more about EISBRECHER the premium network of award-winning interim managers Peter Kuhle, Ulvi Aydin and Siegfried Lettmann. The experts from sales, marketing and service represent the highest quality and cross-industry knowledge transfer. Exclusive access to know-how in interim management.
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16 December 2020

Service as a digital business model

Authors: Peter Kuhle and Arne Wölper / Sebastian Human
If products, services and business models are becoming increasingly interchangeable from the customer's point of view - what attributes can still set us apart from the competition? One answer that is valid for every industry is: through customer-oriented service.
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11 December 2020

Developing innovations despite the crisis: 4 recommendations for management

Authors: Peter Kuhle and Arne Wölper
Change is the new normal - flexibility and the ability to change have become a natural state of business. What issues should managers have on their agenda now to take advantage of the opportunities in the new normal for their business?
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02 December 2020

Turn customers into sellers!

Authors: Peter Kuhle and Ulvi Aydin
Satisfied customers are good for business. However, in order to meet customer expectations, companies not only have to meet them, but exceed them. The customer-oriented alignment of marketing, service and sales plays a decisive role in this.
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November 2020

How does it feel to be a customer in your own company?

Authors: Peter Kuhle and Siegfried Lettmann
According to the "Customers 2020" study, "Customer Experience" will soon be more important than price for differentiating one's own brand, even in the B2B sector. And more important than the product.
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09 November 2020

Copy & Customize - adapting approaches from other industries

Author Arne Wölper, co-author Peter Kuhle
Saturated markets and digitalization pressure pose challenges for companies: How do you manage to drive business development forward when products and services are increasingly interchangeable? A food for thought.
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20 October 2020

Get out of the technology trap

Authors: Peter Kuhle and Siegfried Lettmann
The OECD has observed for decades that growth and productivity rates are falling. This phenomenon is paradoxical, especially in times of digitization. What could be the reason and how a company can escape the technology trap.
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20 October 2020

The automotive industry can only achieve structural change with cultural change

Authors: Peter Kuhle and Ulvi Aydin
The structural change has been causing the automotive industry problems for years. In the maddening complexity of digitization, technological and environmental developments and self-made diesel scandals, those responsible forget crucial points: the customer focus and the corporate culture.
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08 October 2020

What different industries can learn from each other.

Authors: Peter Kuhle and Siegfried Lettmann
Every company is individual. Nevertheless, there are cross-industry issues. Those who want to stay on top should therefore learn to think outside the box.
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07 October 2020

More courage in the transformation of business models

Authors: Peter Kuhle and Siegfried Lettmann
How do you manage the balancing act of continuing the still functioning business model and at the same time opening up new markets and developing innovative approaches? In any case, it takes entrepreneurial courage.
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08 September 2020

How Europe as a digital location is going from rabbit to hedgehog

Authors: Peter Kuhle and Siegfried Lettmann
China and the USA have outstripped Europe in terms of digitization. None of the 15 largest digital companies are based in Europe. There is a lack of risk-taking and entrepreneurship in this country. But Europe can do even more.
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27 August 2020

In the digital transformation, sales and service are often the key to success

Authors: Peter Kuhle and Siegfried Lettmann
When it comes to sales and service, some speak of a real “innovation competition”, but the majority of companies are still lacking the right direction in times of digitalization.
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17 August 2020

Learning from the best

Authors: Peter Kuhle and Siegfried Lettmann
Taking a look at other industries can be decisive for the success of transformation projects. Companies can achieve competitive advantages through cross-industry exchange and know-how transfer.
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July 2020

At the epicenter of digitization:
How sales, marketing and service can transform business models

Business magazine pK Peter Kuhle and Siegfried Lettmann
In our publication we examine topics such as digitization, Industry 4.0, innovative customer segmentation, business model development and the question: What does structural change mean for service & sales?
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10 July 2020

At the epicenter of digital transformation

Press release pK Peter Kuhle
The award-winning interim managers Peter Kuhle and Siegfried Lettmann have published a comprehensive business magazine, which they are now making freely available to interested parties.
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22 June 2020

Creative through the crisis

Published marconomy.de
B2B companies should seize the chance of the corona crisis and pool their strengths in ecosystems. In this way, the value chain is transformed into a value network.
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June 2020

How will Germany meet in the future?

Brochure pK Peter Kuhle, Ulvi Aydin and Siegfried Lettmann
Ulvi Aydin, Siegfried Lettmann and Peter Kuhle about opportunities and challenges for hotel managers and the transfer of knowledge across industry boundaries.
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18 May 2020

A new work hotel in the Harz region is reinventing itself

Interesting contribution by Meik Lindberg in the newsletter from Gastrotel.de
The corona crisis hit the tourism industry hard. Meik Lindberg, startup founder and hotelier, tells how he is leading his new work hotel in the Harz region through the crisis.
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15 May 2020

The Hearts Hotel in the Harz region is reinventing itself

Published tophotel.de
The Corona crisis is forcing many hoteliers to take new paths. Meik Lindberg, founder and managing director of The Hearts Hotel in the Harz National Park, looked for external help. He would have "laughed eight weeks ago" about his realignment as a "so to say" tour operator.
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15 May 2020

Hybrid Meetings: How will Germany meet in the future?

Published unternehmer.de
Germany is boosting its economy again. The companies are hungry of projects and full of drive. And just as employees are slowly bustle back into the office after almost two months of home office, the number of meetings and conferences inside and outside the companies is also increasing.
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13 May 2020

How The Hearts Hotel creatively masters the Corona crisis

Press release pK Peter Kuhle
The Hearts Hotel in the Harz National Park and the award-winning interim managers Ulvi Aydin, Siegfried Lettmann and Peter Kuhle believe in tourism and innovative business models.
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12 May 2020

Corona crisis and transformation: A paradox?

Article pK Peter Kuhle
pK Peter Kuhle about efficiency and transformation programs during the crisis.
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12 May 2020

Technical service - System relevance
Checklist for your service success

Article pK Peter Kuhle
pK Peter Kuhle about success factors in service
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7 May 2020

Three interim managers join forces in the crisis

Press release pK Peter Kuhle
The Corona crisis has affected the hotel industry hard. For the three award-winning interim managers Peter Kuhle, Ulvi Aydin and Siegfried Lettmann: There is a demand for action and help.
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6 September 2019

Customer service | How sales and service become one

(Springer Professional, www.springerprofessional.de, Written by Eva-Susanne Krah)
Coherent digital strategies and flexible structures and services – with which sales can shoulder the new customer requirements – are considered essential by DACH managers in companies. But sales and service have to do a better job of growing together.
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Published on 5 September 2019

5 before 12 – when the pressure is on –
Managing transformation successfully.

[division one talks with Peter Kuhle]
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5 September 2019

New white paper for companies

Press release pK Peter Kuhle
The interplay between sales and service – a critical success factor for sustainable growth
Press release (PDF)

14 August 2019

White paper: Sales and Service

(Authors: Peter Kuhle and Siegfried Lettmann)
The interplay between sales and service – a critical success factor for sustainable growth
White paper (PDF)

8 August 2019

Lessons from Silicon Valley

(Author: Peter Kuhle, published at www.berndtsoninterim.de)
Sneakers, new office worlds, misunderstood incentives – real benefits of a trip to Silicon Valley
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29 July 2019

Colleagues not competitors

(Iskander Business Partner, www.i-b-partner.com)
Cooperation between consulting and interim management as a model for success: Armin Iskander from the consulting firm Iskander Business Partner and Peter Kuhle, self-employed Interim Manager, talk about the benefits of working together.
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6 June 2019

Magazine pK Peter Kuhle 02/19

Service Operations during Transformation: Operational & Service Excellence

  • Technical customer service: Insights and outlook from pK Peter Kuhle
  • Excerpt from an exclusive interview: Successful project “Realignment of Field Service Operations” with Unitymedia

Magazine 02/19 (PDF)

10 April 2019

The “firefighters of the corporate world” – when interim managers get involved

(karriere.de, 10 April 2019, Camilla Flocke)
© Handelsblatt GmbH. All rights reserved. www.karriere.de - www.handelsblatt.com
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29 March 2019

Just save the money for a moment - what drives interim managers

Author: Camilla Flocke
Interim managers maneuver companies through crises, restructure, fill gaps in staff - and then move on. Their number has been increasing for years.
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29 March 2019

Exclusive interview: Unitymedia & pK Peter Kuhle

Realigning Field Service Operations
Insights into the successful project “Realigning Field Service Operations”:
Christoph Stumpp, Unitymedia and Peter Kuhle answer questions from DDIM
Interview (PDF)

20 February 2019

Magazine pK Peter Kuhle 01/19

Field Service & Sales – Doing better together

  • My successes. My offers.
  • My featured projects. A selection.
  • CV with a golden thread: Plenty accomplished, lots more ahead.

Magazine 01/19 (PDF)

15 November 2018

“DDIM.projekt // 2018 – Interim Management Excellence"

Press release pK Peter Kuhle
Peter Kuhle is awarded for the Interim Management Project of 2018:
Realigning field service operations at Unitymedia
Download press release (PDF)

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