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“I know the opportunities and resistances of change.”

Transformation is always painful and complex. After more than 15 years as a C-level Executive, Managing Director, and Interim Manager, I recognize certain patterns in change processes that often repeat themselves. I know the ups and downs of change and what matters.

And that’s what I talk about in my executive keynotes. Depending on the situation, sometimes with a wink or quite seriously. Whether to get you in the mood at a kick-off event, at a round table in your management meeting, at a corporate event or at professional conferences: I arouse curiosity about transformation, share insights from my work, and provide food for thought for a new perspective.

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Impulse talks

I have worked for various global players, hidden champions, market leaders and industry innovators, and have been working non-stop as an Interim Manager on mandates for years.

In my keynote speeches, I don’t talk about theory but about the hard but exciting practice of transformation. As someone who has been there and is there! As an absolute transformation practitioner!


The topsy-turvy transformation – your guide to failure

As an Interim Manager, I have supported a large number of companies from a wide range of industries in their transformation. What I have noticed in all my projects is that, regardless of the sector and hierarchical level, there are certain mindsets in the transformation process that block, slow down or even prevent change. In this presentation, you will not learn how to successfully transform your company. But you will learn with which mindset you are sure to make a mess of your change project.


Understanding change and using resistance

Change is always painful at the beginning. Even worse however, are those responsible who are afraid of resistance, because then they try to weaken the change in such a way that the change ends up not happening at all. A change curve is not chewing gum. Resistance is not bad per se. If you anticipate it correctly, you can turn it into positive energy and give the project a real boost. In this talk, I speak about fear of change, fear of resistance and how you should deal with it.


Service in the balancing act: Between boneshaker and high-flyer

The digital transformation over the last 10 years has made service an increasingly important business unit and is also changing the interaction between sales and service. In this presentation, I talk about the opportunities that digital solutions offer you and the homework you must do first: What steps can pioneers take? And what should the stragglers do in order not to lose touch?


Service in transition: From little brother to big brother

Service used to be sales’ little brother. The baby in the family of revenue generation, so to speak. But the digital transformation is increasingly changing the interaction between sales and service. Will service soon be sales’ big brother? In this presentation, I talk about the shift in the relationship between sales and service and present approaches to how both areas should work more closely hand in hand.


Fluctuating markets: Is your sales force still meeting customer requirements?

Markets are exposed to more parallel influences of change than ever before. This means that customer requirements are also changing on a regular basis. For your company, the question is: How can you actually build a powerful sales team when customer needs are constantly changing? One answer lies in customer centricity. In this presentation, I present an approach on how your sales team can act in a customer-centric way.


Fresh impulses and Aha experiences!

New perspectives on the complex topic of “transformation”!

Concentrated experience of countless transformations!

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I share my knowledge.

In whitepapers, trade magazines and books, I write about my management experiences, current trends for sales & service, as well as tips on the topic of transformation. All my publications are freely available on my news page.

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