Realignment of Field Service Operations: Design and implementation of a new operating model for Unitymedia.


Unitymedia GmbH

Customer Operations,
Technical Customer Service

Area of Responsibility

Approx. 50 employees (MA)

Control of external service partners with >1,000 employees

Control of the technical field service (provisioning and fault clearance) in the multi-digit million range

Starting point

2017: The switch-off of the analog signal and a shift in TV channels or stations led to a sharp increase in the number of complaints and high waiting times for customers. With the realignment of the partner landscape and the introduction of digital processes, the customer had already initiated optimization measures, but could not yet optimally meet the operational requirements. I was brought in as an expert for the technical field service because I can …

manage critical operating situations and am able to …

sustainably realign an organization and …

I was a sparring partner for those responsible during the change process.


I always have “plain talk” with my customers. We discuss the upcoming to-dos and decisions openly, directly and without beating around the bush. In this way, we ensure that we reach our goal constructively and together. It is also always important to me to involve the people in the change process. After all, an involved and motivated workforce is a guarantee for success.

There are two prerequisites in the successful service partner business:

You need strategic partners who, like your company, can align themselves based on these challenges and requirements.

They need a digital platform that enables them to break new ground and redesign processes.

My Task

Together with the employees and partners, was to bring this new way of working to life, a big change in itself, and of course for everyone involved.

The Result

Today, the cooperation between Unitymedia and its service partners is closer than ever before. The results after one and a half years: Double-digit improvement rates in efficiency, effectiveness, and customer satisfaction.

Calming the operating situation: Prioritization and realignment


Efficiency potentials in the 2-digit percentage range exploited


New operating model: Service partners and interfaces with >1,000 technicians


New organization and successful staff restructuring


Further development of the management team


Increase in customer satisfaction: NPS in the 2-digit range

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