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You want to understand my way of thinking and acting more precisely? Then read my publications on the topics of sales, service, and transformation.

In my latest magazine, I go on a journey through mechanical engineering with the question: How can companies develop service-oriented business models with data?

In my new magazine, I talk to outstanding experts about transformation and resistance in change – and present helpful approaches for companies.

Now also in English! As co-author of the book “Strategic Sales Management”, I now share my expertise on Service & Customer Retention on the US market.

I am a co-author of the new book titled "Strategic Sales Management", where I have contributed an intereseting chapter focused on Service & Customer Retention.

In this whitepaper, Ralf Komor and myself highlight the essential steps that B2B companies should take to ready themselves for an increasingly virtual future.

Throughout the transformation process, there are often mindsets that slow down or even obstruct the change. Presented with humor and great illustrations.

I provide insights on how mechanical engineering companies can generate tangible value for customers despite supply chain disruptions and other current challenges.

This publication covers customer expectations, digital service solutions, and possible steps to take your strategic and operative service business to the next level.

Since Handelsblatt approached me in 2019, I have consistently intensified my press activity. Today, I am a guest author in numerous business magazines.

Together with Eckhart Hilgenstock, we have compiled 10 success factors for leadership in transformation, based on our decades of practical interim management experience.

How can executives effectively navigate through transformations? In this magazine, I explore the deep impact of the new service role on business models.

Transformation is a significant term that intimidates many. However, with small steps, transformation initiatives can be successfully initiated. We provide a pragmatic approach for achieving this.

Digitalization presents vast opportunities for companies. Even without disruptive innovations, new digital business models can be developed.

The most significant driver for digital transformation? Not COO, not CTO, but COVID-19! Using the Hearts Hotel as an example, we explore how innovation thrives during a crisis.

What should companies do when an unexpected global health crisis hits the economy head-on in the midst of a transformation process? About crises as opportunities.

Technical service has always been crucial, working diligently behind the scenes for customers. The crisis exposes the true measure of the service's excellence.

Gain insights into my approach and work, including a selection of my top interim projects. Among them is a project for which I received recognition from DDIM in 2018.

Well-coordinated service and sales units can strategically derive and effectively utilize data from standard business operations for profit. Here we present approaches.

Exploring Business Opportunities Amid Rapid Technological Advancements for Companies with Service Units or Technical Customer Support.

In this exclusive interview, Christoph Stumpp and I provide insights into a collaborative successful project focused on the realignment of Field Service Operations.

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