Executive Sparring.
Mastering Transformation
with confidence.

No standard template.
No flipcharts.
No theory.

When you seek advice in life, you go to a friend and confidant. But what if you are looking for advice in business?

Even as a manager, you sometimes face challenges. But you don’t always want to seek advice from people in the corporate environment. I am not a coach, consultant, or workshop provider. I am your objective friend at C-level. Someone who has no projects in your company. Our exchange takes place in the background, with me, not in your company.

Benefit from my experience.

It is normal that you will sometimes reach your limits in the transformation process. And you can’t always discuss this with people from the corporate environment at eye level. That’s why I offer you my support: As an experienced C-level discussion partner, in the background. And as someone who has already mastered countless transformations in practice. With me, it’s all about navigation and the feasibility of your topics in management practice!

Your advantages.

Concentrated transformation experience

As an Interim Manager, I have already transformed numerous companies in a wide range of industries and can share my experience with you.

More authority for you

You receive a basis for decision-making, can accelerate your project with clear measures and strengthen your authority as a leader in the company.


I bring the objective view from the outside and can therefore provide a more neutral perspective on the situation.

New ideas and impulses

I bring new ideas and perspectives and can thus help you to look at your company situation from a different perspective.


I am independent of internal power structures and can therefore give feedback openly and honestly at eye level.


I have specific expertise and decades of experience in transformation and efficiency, service and sales.

Time saving

The exchange of experiences with me saves you time, because I can quickly classify your challenge and develop suitable measures and action steps together with you.

Let’s talk

– and strengthen the foundations of your next success-critical decisions! Benefit from my experience from different industries and from my leadership and strategy expertise in success-critical phases.

Feel free to write to me at info@peterkuhle.de or call me at +49 (0) 151 5858 0808.

Get to know

In a first non-binding call we get a first impression. You outline your situation; we exchange initial thoughts and decide: Can and do we want to get together?

Exchange at eye level

We meet outside the usual working environment. In my workshop or in a conference hotel. Here we delve deeper: I get a picture of your situation and challenge you with concrete questions.

Ideas, approaches & measures

I now discuss my view of your situation and share my practical experience with you. Together we develop ideas and approaches and derive possible measures from them.

Frequency: Depending on the circumstances. Usually 2 to 3 days.
Cost: Upon request.

Publications –
I share my knowledge.

In whitepapers, trade magazines and books, I write about my management experiences, current trends for sales & service, as well as tips on the topic of transformation. All my publications are freely available on my news page.

Guest Contributions.

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