Interim Manager for Field Service & Sales

Doing better together: I support my customers in phases of growth and change that are critical to success.

Interim Manager
Peter Kuhle:
Efficiency &
in Service & Sales

Interim Manager Peter Kuhle:
Efficiency & Transformation in Service & Sales

DDIM.projekt // 2018 - Interim Management Excellence

As an Interim Manager, I am ideally suited for supporting your business with the big picture and the details. My specialty is Service & Sales: the critical areas of a company where revenues are increased and sustainably expanded.

The information and telecommunications industry is always a step ahead. This is where the megatrends are set and digitization at home. In hardly any other area are developments faster, rates of innovation higher, requirements more complex. This is where I thrive.

Of course, other industries can also benefit from my expertise acquired from years of working in innovation-driven and progressive companies. These industries include energy, heating, electrical, smart home/city, building management as well as mechanical and plant engineering.

I have repeatedly been able to successfully apply my experience in service and sales in various industries. More than 10 years of successful efficiency programs and transformations serve as my reference.


Sales, Direct Sales, After Sales, Service, Technical Support

Special expertise in field service organizations

Industry Sectors:
Telecommunications, cable network, information technology (ICT), trade, service, lift (mechanical engineering/plant engineering) and networked industries: e.g. energy, heating, electrical, smart home/city, building management.

Interim Manager Positions:
CEO, CSO, COO, divisional management, program and project management, and consulting roles.

Doing better together

I’m an expert in managing complex service and sales units and breaking new ground in daily business and new business. As an Interim Manager, I take responsibility for my clients in phases that are critical to their success – together with the team, always for the company. Even in the most demanding situations, I make sure that the daily business operations are always on track. I lead, motivate and help employees develop, support them in new roles and set a good example.

Doing better together

Strategy meets operations

Through many years of experience in management positions with the best in your industry, I am excellently positioned as an Interim Manager to:

  • Accompany critical phases
  • Drive change and
  • Optimally position companies from all industries for future growth

For significant and sustainable improvements in sales, results, strategy, organization, processes, and customer and employee satisfaction – call me when it matters: 0151 / 585 80 808.

Interim Management
and project support
for more success

My specialties as an interim manager are Field Service & Sales – the strategic success factors for growing and maintaining sales. You will benefit from my experience supporting different industries in every sector.

Proven professional and line expertise are the best foundation for daily operations and comprehensive interim management expertise. With my experience and my personality, I stand for leadership and strategic expertise during growth phases, strategic realignments, and in times of extensive restructuring and transformation. I always work closely with the team, motivate them through positive encouragement and by setting goals, and actively drive forward solutions in close cooperation with those involved.

I would be happy to support your company: by providing significant and lasting results in revenue, performance and customer satisfaction using sustainable approaches and methods.

Field Service & Sales

Daily Business and New Business

Develop and implement strategies

Unlock potential

Initiate, develop and implement efficiency programs


Optimize and (de)centralize business units

Change Management

Get employees onboard with change

Service as a sales channel

Conceptualize, roll-out and establish

Process management

Analyze, conceptualize, implement and establish efficiency & transformation

Efficiency & Transformation

Define potential

Efficiency programs & new business models

Initiate, develop and implement

Business decisions

Decision Making in Management

Initiate, develop and implement

Operating Model

Management methods and performance indicators

Initiate, develop and implement

Involve employees (culture/change)

Inspire and leverage employee potential

Involve, motivate and lead

Proven success: Efficiency & transformation in Service & Sales

Merge subsidiary companies

20% growth.

Increase efficiency in
field service

€200 million saved

Create service as a sales channel

From 0 to 100 million euros in revenue

Drive change

New Operating
Model > 1,000 technicians

Award-winning Interim Management

Winner of the DDIM Interim Management Excellence Award | Peter Kuhle | Service & Sales

I was awarded the Interim Management Excellence Award by the DDIM (Dachgesellschaft Deutsches Interim Management).

The mandate for the realignment of a service operation was awarded in the category “Return on Interim Management”. The project was particularly well received due to the high customer benefit and its sustainable success in terms of increased efficiency and effectiveness.

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Trade magazine
Service & Vertrieb in der Transformation


The business world is changing rapidly. If you realign your company where it needs to be, you can take advantage of the opportunities presented by change to develop innovative business models. In my new magazine "GEMEINSAM VERÄNDERN - Service & Sales in Transformation," I describe how managers can accompany a successful transformation. I show you how the new role of service affects business model development and provide practical tips based on my own experience. Make your service & sales fit for the future! In my new magazine you will learn how.

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In cooperation with Siegfried Lettmann, I have published a 100-page business magazine, which we make freely available to all interested companies. In our publication "At the epicenter of digitization: How sales, marketing and service can transform business models", we examine topics such as digitization, Industry 4.0, innovative customer segmentation, business model development and the question: What does structural change mean for service & sales?

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Exclusive white papers, magazines, interviews and articles

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5 before 12 – when the pressure is on – Managing transformation successfully

White Paper:
Cooperation between sales and service: A critical success factor for sustainable growth

Magazine 02|19:
Service Operations during Transformation: Operational & Service Excellence

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Saving money quickly – What drives interim managers

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FAQ - Interim Management

As an interim manager, I take responsibility for results in management positions or temporary projects, e.g. bridging a gap, transforming a business unit or implementing new business methods and processes. Within the framework of an interim management mandate, we mutually define the objectives and the associated success factors. Once these have been achieved, the interim management mandate ends. In other words: I’ll be on my way once we reach our defined goals.

The consultant's focus is usually on developing strategies and recommendations for action. The interim manager is an expert who supports the implementation and realization of strategies in a company’s operations. There is indeed some overlap between creating and completing a strategic implementation. Adapting strategies for making a plan operational is also one of the tasks of an interim management.

Due to my experience and expertise in various situations, I am used to dealing with the most diverse challenges, situations and people in the shortest possible time. In doing so, I rely on analytical, conceptual and successfully proven practices in the field. “The quick start” is an advantage for my interim clients.

Projects generally run from 6 to 12 months, or longer, depending on the initial situation and desired objectives. Interim management mandates under 6 months are usually the exception. Especially mandates involving change processes require a longer timeframe to ensure a sustainable outcome.

The Dachgesellschaft Deutsches Interim Management e.V. (DDIM) is the leading business and professional association for interim management in Germany. It acts as a lobby for its members and as the voice of the industry. DDIM members are experienced fixed-term managers, while DDIM partners are professional service providers in the interim management industry. I am a member of DDIM and a prize winner for the “DDIM.projekt // 2018 – Interim Management Excellence”.



Call me when it matters: 0151 / 585 80 808.

For significant and sustainable improvements in sales, results, strategy, organization, processes, and customer and employee satisfaction.