Making things better, together:
As interim manager for [field] service & sales, I accompany my clients through critical phases of growth and change.

Peter Kuhle:
interim manager for [field] service & sales

The ITC industry is cutting edge. This is where megatrends are set, where digitisation is at home. In hardly any other industry are developments faster, innovation densities higher or requirements more complex. Precisely my cup of tea ...

As an interim manager, I am the right person for you when it comes to seeing the big picture or taking care of the tiniest detail. My expertise: [field] service & sales, the success-critical areas in a company in which sales are increased and sustainably expanded.

Strategy meets operations

I manage complex service and sales units and break new ground in both day-to-day business and new business. Together with a team and for the company: even when it comes to the highest level of requirements and in situations which are critical to success, I never lose touch with day-to-day operations. I manage, motivate and develop employees, accompany them in new roles and lead by example.

Strategy meets operations

Making things better, together

Thanks to my many years of experience in management positions with the best in your industry, I am in a first-class position to

  • help you navigate through critical phases,
  • promote change and
  • optimally position companies from all industries for future growth.

Other industries can also naturally benefit from my know-how from my activities in innovation-driven and future-oriented companies. These include, for example, the energy sector, facility management and smart home.

Give me a call when it counts: +49 (0)151 / 585 80 808. For significant and sustainable improvements in sales, earnings, strategy, organisation, processes and customer and employee satisfaction.

Interim Manager Peter Kuhle | Field Service & Sales

Subsidiary mergers

20% growth

Increased efficiency in field service

200 million € saved

Establishing service as a sales channel

From 0 to 100 million euro in turnover

Driving change

New operating
model > 1,000 technicians