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Press Release:

At the Epicenter of Digital Transformation

Award-winning managers publish comprehensive trade magazine for sales and service:

Bad Honnef, July 2020 – Award-winning interim managers Peter Kuhle and Siegfried Lettmann have published a comprehensive trade magazine that they are now offering to interested parties free of charge. In the meticulously researched magazine “At the Epicenter of Transformation,” the two interim managers shed light on topics such as digitalization, Industry 4.0, innovative customer segmentation, business model development, and the current question: What does structural change mean for service and sales?

How do we reach customers in the future?

Peter Kuhle explains, “Sales and service have always been directly connected to customers. However, with digitalization, the nature of contact is shifting. In this publication, we address the question of how companies can position themselves correctly amidst continuous change to consistently meet customer requirements.” As experienced specialists in marketing, service, sales, as well as business model development and transformation, Peter Kuhle and Siegfried Lettmann understand that the questions of “What does the customer want? And how do we reach them?” are more important than ever.

Catalyst of Change: COVID-19

These questions have gained even more relevance due to the COVID-19 crisis. “We started writing the trade magazine in late 2019/early 2020,” says Siegfried Lettmann. “At that time, we didn’t know how urgent the topic would become this year.” The pandemic has greatly accelerated digitalization in many business sectors. Changes that would have taken months or even years for companies to implement were carried out in a matter of weeks. “Even before the pandemic, it was no longer enough to simply have suitable solutions,” says Kuhle. “Customers are more informed than ever before. To provide value, companies must address individual customer needs. However, the pandemic has shown that service and sales are crucial for businesses. Decision-makers must rethink their business models due to the COVID-19 crisis and elevate service and sales to the next level.” In times of crisis, the wheat is separated from the chaff.

Success Factor: Knowledge Transfer

According to Kuhle and Lettmann, companies that see an opportunity in the crisis and engage in innovative business models, flawless service, and sales, while boldly driving digitalization, will become more successful. “Courage for innovation, enthusiasm for diversity, and a joy for entrepreneurship are definitely success factors,” says Kuhle. “From our experience as interim managers, diversity is still an underestimated factor. In addition to age, cultural, social, and educational diversity, industry diversity is also important. Cross-industry knowledge transfer is a catalyst for creativity and innovation.” As interim managers, Peter Kuhle and Siegfried Lettmann have an inside view of numerous companies, and many problems appear as recurring patterns.

“We are here to consolidate our experience from all the industries and markets we have been and are involved in and pass it on to decision-makers,” explains Siegfried Lettmann. Peter Kuhle adds, “Cross-industry knowledge transfer brings tremendous added value to companies. That’s why we want to share our insights with decision-makers and engage in dialogue with them. Our publication is a part of this – and the perfect summer reading for managers!”

Interested parties can download the publication “How Sales, Marketing, and Service Can Transform Business Models” (German version only)  here for free.

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