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B2B Service: Great Opportunities in Digitalization

Executive Interim Manager Publishes Specialized Magazine for Decision Makers

Bad Honnef, July 18, 2022. Internationally successful interim manager Peter Kuhle has published an extensive specialized magazine on the future of B2B service, which he offers to companies free of charge. In the latest publication, “INSPIRING TOGETHER – On the Path to B2B Service Excellence,” Kuhle discusses the opportunities that digitalization brings to B2B service. Enriched with numerous examples, Peter Kuhle presents clear approaches to the gradual transformation of service and the sustainable development of a future-ready digital service portfolio.

Inspiring Together

Peter Kuhle explains, “Digital transformation opens up new opportunities for B2B companies to evoke positive emotions in buyers, enhance the customer experience, differentiate themselves from the competition, and build long-term customer loyalty. The performance and quality of products have become the absolute standard: If they are not present, companies don’t stand a chance.” The experienced expert in field service & sales, transformation & efficiency, knows, “To make a difference today, companies must involve customers in the development of products and services and create real value through customer-oriented service packages.”

First the Obligation, then the Option

According to Kuhle, before companies establish smart service solutions as a digital business model, they should first do their homework. And it is precisely in this area that the interim manager sees room for improvement in some companies. “I wrote this publication to provide decision-makers with solution approaches on how they can quickly implement the foundation for excellent service and then take the next step.” Kuhle includes clear processes, the selection of tools and technology, the enablement and qualification of personnel, and the definition of core service offerings as part of the homework. “Only when these components are covered,” says Kuhle, “can companies transform service into a digital business model and tap into new growth markets.”

Digital Pioneers

Peter Kuhle looks to the future with optimism. “Of course, companies are facing significant changes today. I always advise decision-makers to approach the challenges with a sporting mindset and act with entrepreneurial spirit.” Positive examples of digital pioneers in Germany abound. “Many pioneers may not be as visible as large American and Asian projects that primarily cover consumer-focused topics such as smartphones, B2C apps, or social networks. Germany is a B2B country.” The German Mittelstand is the world market leader in the electrical industry, logistics, and mechanical engineering. The 1,300 hidden champions often operate in niche markets. “And there,” says Kuhle, “they are already quite advanced with digital B2B platforms and Industry 4.0 projects.”

Diversity – Many Industries, One Challenge

As an interim manager, Peter Kuhle has accompanied numerous companies from various industries. What he has noticed is that, while industries may differ, the challenges in service transformation often bear similarities. This is where industries can learn from each other. “I advocate for industry diversity, which is why I publish specialized magazines and offer them free of charge. I aim to promote exchange and knowledge transfer between industries.” Once again, the interim manager has successfully achieved this with his new publication!

Interested parties can download the specialized magazine “INSPIRING TOGETHER – On the Path to Service Excellence” as a digital version (German only) for free here.

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