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Whitepaper: From Virtual Reality to the Metaverse

February/March 2023. Executive Interim Managers Peter Kuhle and Ralf Komor are absolute professionals in B2B services and sales. Together, they have now published the whitepaper “Virtual Reality in the B2B Sector – What Companies Can Do to Prepare for the Metaverse.” In the paper, they present practical application examples of how Extended Reality (XR) can create value for B2B companies and the potential it holds.

Ralf Komor explains, “XR is the umbrella term for Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality. In the publication, we present XR applications that B2B companies can already succeed with today.” Peter Kuhle adds, “With the whitepaper, we aim to inspire companies about the topic. We also discuss the common challenges in implementation and outline an approach for successfully implementing XR applications.”

Until the Metaverse arrives: Do your homework

For the two Interim Managers, it is clear that Virtual Reality and Co. are true business enablers, especially for the sales and service areas. Those who recognize this and strategically utilize it for their own business areas will establish themselves in the market. The application fields are vast: whether it’s product configuration and customization, employee training, machine maintenance, or presentations of new products – XR simplifies processes, improves efficiency, and enhances the customer experience. “With XR,” write Kuhle and Komor, “you make your company market-ready for the future.”

And it is precisely these already possible application fields that the Interim Managers see as a path to the Metaverse. At the end of the publication, they also address this topic again, stating, “It’s an exciting topic that we are also monitoring. But it’s still a thing of the future.” Komor says, “In this whitepaper, our focus is on highlighting the potentials that are already possible today.” Kuhle says, “We are practice-oriented and aim to make companies better in the present. In our work, we repeatedly witness the market advantages that sales and service units can gain through XR applications.”

Download the whitepaper for free

Interested parties can download the whitepaper “Virtual Reality in the B2B Sector – What Companies Can Do to Prepare for the Metaverse” (German version only) from the following links:

About Peter Kuhle

Peter Kuhle is an Executive Interim Manager and Senior Advisor from Bad Honnef. He supports companies in critical phases of growth and transformation. He has extensive experience in sales & service, transformation & efficiency, and various management roles at renowned corporations and medium-sized companies. His key areas of expertise are sales, direct sales, after-sales, service, and technical customer service. He is the recipient of the “Interim Management Excellence Award” and shares his experience in various business media. More information:

About Ralf Komor

Ralf H. Komor is an Executive Interim Manager, certified advisor, most trusted advisor for family businesses, Springer book author, and coach. He is known as the SALES CAPTAIN in the industry. Komor supports manufacturing companies in the medium-sized sector, startups, and corporations in AR, VR, MetaSales, and Virtual CPQ/Configurators. He has successfully implemented these systems in practice on numerous occasions. For example, he worked with Waldner on the largest order in the company’s history. Komor is the current recipient of the “Interim Management Excellence Award” and provides deeper insights into his topics in various professional media, books, and his LinkedIn newsletter. More information:

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