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Press Release:

New Magazine: Service & Sales in Transformation

Award-winning Interim Manager publishes practical trade magazine for decision-makers

Bad Honnef, October 2021. Award-winning Interim Manager Peter Kuhle has published an extensive trade magazine, which he now makes freely available to decision-makers. In the current publication, “Transforming Together – Service & Sales in Transformation,” Kuhle sheds light on the current challenges faced by service and sales departments and presents practical approaches for companies to align these departments for even greater success. One focus is on the new role of service as a digital business model.

Transforming Together

Peter Kuhle explains, “In the past 10 years, significant progress has been made in the field of digitalization. Especially the industrial middle class and the IT and communications industry have been digital pioneers in Germany. However, other companies have also experimented a lot over the past decade and have been slow to embrace digital transformation. That should change now.” The experienced expert in field service & sales, transformation & efficiency believes in the innovation power of German companies: “With this trade magazine, I want to share my knowledge and experience with companies to collaboratively work towards the successful transformation of our economy,” says Kuhle.

Achieving Digital Service Solutions with Data Sovereignty

When it comes to digital transformation, data is always a crucial factor. Peter Kuhle discusses the importance of companies maintaining control over their own data in his publication: “For both B2B service and B2B sales, it is not inherently difficult to implement intelligent, data-driven systems. Decision-makers just need to consider where they can create meaningful use cases – an exciting task.” Kuhle is confident that companies that collect and analyze their data properly will also be able to use it profitably. “With digital technology, companies can take their service to the next level and develop it into a standalone business model.” According to Peter Kuhle, those who implement this now will open the doors to new growth markets.

Execution Expertise

For example, with predictive or prescriptive maintenance, smart monitoring, and the use of digital twins, companies can deliver tangible customer value “beyond the product.” Peter Kuhle provides numerous examples from the business world where these service solutions are already being used. He also draws on his own experience from years of interim management at renowned companies and provides tips on how decision-makers should transform the operating model of service & sales or what success criteria exist for establishing a project management office.

People at the Center

Kuhle also highlights what constitutes the core of any business activity: “For many, business transformations are solely about processes and structures. However, no transformation can succeed without people. From customer-oriented alignment to corporate culture, it is always essential to put people (customers, employees, stakeholders) at the center.” This aspect is covered in the seven chapters spanning over 50 pages.

Relevant for Every Industry

As an interim manager, Peter Kuhle has accompanied numerous companies from various industries. What he has observed is that, while industries naturally differ, the challenges of transforming service and sales departments often have similarities. There is an opportunity for industries to learn from each other. “That’s why I advocate for cross-industry knowledge exchange and publish trade magazines freely. I want to promote the exchange of ideas and knowledge transfer between industries.” With his new publication, the interim manager has undoubtedly achieved this goal!

Interested parties can freely download the trade magazine “Transforming Together – Service & Sales in Transformation” here as a digital version (German only).

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