by | May 7, 2020

Press Release:

Three interim managers join forces in the crisis

Germany, May 7, 2020 – The hotel industry has been severely impacted by the coronavirus crisis. For award-winning interim managers Peter Kuhle, Ulvi Aydin, and Siegfried Lettmann, it is time to take action and offer assistance. They have formed a strategic partnership to guide struggling companies through the crisis with their expertise, networks, and wealth of experience. They now seek to engage in discussions with hotel operators, suppliers, investors, and journalists to share their successful approaches and discuss the opportunities presented by the crisis.

“As interim managers, we are constantly on the move and gain insights into various companies from the inside,” says Peter Kuhle, the partnership’s initiator. “The mistakes and problems we observe often bear strong similarities, recurring patterns across management, marketing, service, and sales. We are called upon to bring about change, providing an outside perspective. We now want to share our experiences and insights with other companies.”

New measures for a boutique hotel in the Harz region:

The first task for the three interim managers is already underway. They are supporting Meik Lindberg, startup founder and managing director of The Hearts Hotel (THH) in the Harz region. THH is an innovative boutique hotel designed for the New Work generation, offering guests a place to vacation and work in peace, with excellent internet connectivity throughout the hotel premises. Those who have visited The Hearts Hotel will attest to experiencing the future of the hotel industry. The hotel’s business model has already received widespread media coverage, including reports by Sat.1, NDR, Der Tagesspiegel, BILD, Schöner Wohnen, Goslarsche Zeitung, and Volksstimme.

The crisis as an opportunity for hotels?

The interim managers and the hotel operator have pooled their resources and knowledge to provide successful strategies for transforming the industry. “The collaboration with The Hearts Hotel is a showcase business case and exemplifies the future model in the hotel industry,” emphasizes Siegfried Lettmann. “The exchange of different approaches and the integration of interdisciplinary knowledge from various industries present an opportunity for hotel operators. They can benefit from crisis management, transformation, and knowledge transfer.”

Knowledge transfer across diverse industries:

According to the interim managers, knowledge transfer across different industries in Germany is still underdeveloped. Entrepreneurs can learn so much by embracing diverse perspectives. This is also diversity: incorporating industry diversity into one’s own business. Meik Lindberg and Ralph Hesse are digital pioneers in an industry with enormous potential for change. Ulvi Aydin adds, “The question is: Why shouldn’t hotel operators learn from fast-paced industries and transfer approaches to their traditionally more reserved industry? Why not leverage our interim experience in transformation, restructuring, and redesign?”

Embracing change through exchange:

Change can only occur through open dialogue. Peter Kuhle, Ulvi Aydin, Siegfried Lettmann, and Meik Lindberg invite interested parties to engage in this exchange. If interested, please contact:

Peter Kuhle: Ulvi Aydin: Siegfried Lettmann:

About the initiative:

Peter Kuhle, Ulvi Aydin, and Siegfried Lettmann are three award-winning interim managers. In March 2020, the three formed a strategic partnership to support companies during the coronavirus crisis. Together with startup founder and hotel operator Meik Lindberg, they aim to promote cross-industry knowledge transfer in German companies.

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